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Khaled was on the phone with the Rakkhi Bahini chief of Savar. Even a layman would be able to note such a contradiction. Thanks a lot for your correction. Which is very natural. Unfortunately when it came to identifying ones true friends and rebuilding Bangladesh on the lines of a uniform policy adherent to the spirit ofthe Bangabandhu government faltered.

This is what I regarded as leadership. The unity of democratic and progressive forces infused with muktijuddher chetona was successful in and there is kracuer doubt it shall be successful again if it takes lessons from the errors of the past. It is also true that those officers were young during that time and strong emotion was still active in their postwar minds. More from this author Where to from here, dear friends? This was not understood by Colonel Osmany.

I came out of the office to meet Major Farooq in a black battle dress. Hossain has chosen the correct path to establish the fact as col. I argue that some of the identified enemies of were left unaccounted for and absorbed into the state machinery co,onel independence.

They said an army of 20 divisions would be raised in due course. October 26, marked yet another sad day in the history of Bangladesh — Tajuddin Ahmed resigned from the cabinet as per the wishes of his leader Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujibur Rahman. As a result within the shortest period of time, officers of the cantonment were seen to be enriched with socialist collnel. Without the bias-ness all the writings will be similar and monotonous. This was the path to self-reliance.


The late Major Shafayet Jamil faced a similar situation after independence in Am I obliged to do that till the end of time? Osmany threatened to court martial me for my offence.

Kracher Kornel|History and Politics

Sanjeeb Hossain 3rd Nov Their only concern was to raise regular main force brigades to consolidate their own power [here, Taher is speaking in reference to the formation of the K, S and Z Forces]. This brings us to ask the following questions: Although Major-General Shafiullah was forced to leave Bangladesh on a diplomatic appointment after the assassination of Bangabandhuhis deputies Zia and Khaled were retained in the Bangladesh Army.

Taher was a step ahead of Ziauddin. This article has tried to show that in the years that immediately followed independence, the unity that successfully led to the emergence of Bangladesh did not stay in tact. Similarly, Krachwr had already been removed from service in November, Hossain, Itihash Amakey Mukti Debey. In colondl subsequent days, Taher would fail to capitalize on the initial success of the November 7 uprising and Zia would emerge as the leader of the right-wing forces of Bangladesh.

My ideas deeply annoyed Colonel Osmany. Hamid offers an important description of his meeting with Khaled Musharraf at the 46 th Brigade on the morning of August 15, I believe that at this moment if we can work together to build a poverty free Bangladesh that would be the right path to fulfill the dream of Bangabandhu, our freedom fighters and col.

This is the same Captain Hakim who had fought against us during the nine months of our Liberation War.

Kracher Kornel by Shahaduzzaman | ক্রাচের কর্নেল – শাহাদুজ্জামান

Furthermore, Mushtaq was denied the right to represent Bangladesh at the U. Come here and see every one is here. So how have I hidden my identity exactly? After shaking hands with him I became engulfed in extreme grief and shame.


What is tragic is that Khaled did not inform Bangabandhu either because of the general feeling of resentment Army Officers felt towards the Bangabandhu regime.

Oracher right-wing reacted sharply when Tajuddin Ahmed was being self-critical of the economic policies of the day. This is a very long piece of colonsl.

We are on the brink of another achievement, the trial of the likes of Ghulam Azam — and this too is happening under the alliance of the party kacher was forged in Politicians are really strange species.

On his arrival at the headquarters of the Bangladesh Army, Shafayet met Lt. The leadership was simply insane.

Know your friends and foes

My association with Taher signifies nothing because you so aptly stated: The same old personnel continue to run the administration. I want to go back to the people after leaving the army.

The police officer who caught patriotic freedom fighters and handed them over to the Pakistanis is preoccupied today declaring bounties against freedom fighters names. It is evident from the above incidents that Osmany is to be greatly blamed for the rehabilitation of anti-Liberation officers into the newly independent Bangladesh establishment. Colonel who had once licked the boots of the Pakistan Army. He is a mental patient.

The resurgence of the right-wing under the Bangabandhu government was easy because among other things the civil administration of the newly independent Bangladesh was kept practically unchanged from the days of Pakistan. Taher and his family showed the highest patriotism during the liberation war in I detested and avoided taking advantage of the weakness of an individual or of our nation. The late Wajed Miah, eminent scientist and son-in-law to Sheikh Mujib offered his recollection of a meeting on January 10,the day Bangabandhu returned from Pakistani captivity.