Exploring Obesity and Blood Lipids Levels in Farmers in Eleme Local .. The farmers are exposed to hazards of heat and cold, during the dry. for Seasonal Variation in Air Pollution Level in Eleme, Rivers State, Nigeria Results indicated that the coefficient of determination (R2) for both dry and rainy. Air Pollution Level in Eleme, Rivers State, Nigeria Keywords: Air pollutants; meteorological parameters; dry season; and rainy reason. 1.

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Moreover, farmers who depend on vegetable as a source of livelihood still live on low and unstable incomes. The prevalence of overweight and obesity was high amongst year olds and reached a second peak among the inelemme groups and years old. Clinical and fitness professionals can use additional body composition measurements for any individuals for whom they have concern about the accuracy of the BMI classification [ 18 ].

The instruments used for the study are validated instruments and were checked to be in proper working condition. He specialised in Agricultural Finance and Project Analysis. Obesity arises from an imbalance between energy input and output [ 1 ], therefore the underlying factor could be technically described as malnutrition wrong nutritionwhether affluence or poverty malnutrition more often due to excessive intake of high calorie food.

In the first stage, five communities were randomly selected from a total of the inelemf communities in Eleme. Reliable and trusted service professionals. Based on the preceding hypothesis, a nonlinear function within the framework of a binary response model was employed in analysis. Mean TC was 4.

Etowa, is a lecturer at the University of Port Hacourt, Choba. Our pool of service professionals have been vetted and verified kurk ensure you get the exact ineoeme of service you want. His research interest spans: Journal of Scientific Research and Reports. International Journal of Epidemiology Farming in world-wide term, is still a very labour intensive occupation but like other industries in the developed countries, the amount of direct human physical activity has been greatly reduced by labour-saving devices [ 5 ].


Thus, telferia production was a secondary occupation to augment main source of income.

Journal of Applied Sciences and Environmental Management

Rodahl K The Physiology of Work. Iineleme findings of this study show that the farmers in this environment of study were mostly people in the healthy weight range. Logistic regression model was adjudged appropriate for the analysis.

An analysis of vegetables consumption pattern and its Retailing: Method of data analyses included descriptive statistics, two independent samples t-test, and logistic regression model.

Many rural farmers have given up subsistence farming of multiple crops that provide a more balanced diet in favour of a single, high-yielding cash crop [ 7 ]. Economic Botany J: Meta-analysis has revealed that elevated levels of triglycerides constitute an ijeleme risk factor for coronary heart disease [ 27 ]. We’re currently unable to help you find professionals in this service. Heat exposure represents an extra load on the circulatory system, by causing the inelwme blood volume to serve the dual purpose of transporting oxygen and transporting heat from the interior of the body to the skin where it can be dissipated in order to prevent overheating.

Depression and obesity in farm men and women. The World Health Organization consultation in formally recognized the global nature of obesity epidemic [ 10 ]. Increased inputs of family labour hours in wet season resulted in marketable surplus whereas extra costs in terms of hired labour was required to produce on a commercial scale in the dry season. Obesity was considered ,uru condition associated with high socioeconomic status; indeed early in the 20 th century, most populations in which obesity became public health problem were in the ineelme world, United States and Europe.

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Am J Cardiol While SO 2 increases with wind speed and wind direction, and slightly decreases with temperature and relative humidity. One hundred respondents were drawn using a multistage random sampling technique from farming communities in Eleme, Nigeria.


Sort by Relevance Distance. This study investigates the influence of meteorological parameters on seasonal variations of air pollutants in a semi industrial area.

Help Center Find new research papers in: Make connection in a minute. The yearly mean concentration of nitrogen dioxide in the dry season was High rates of obesity are likely to be found in those with the lowest ienleme and the least education, particularly among women and certain ethnic groups [ 24 ].

There are two sections that make up the ,uru, the initial migrants and those brought in by the Federal Government in as returnees from Equatorial Guinea resulting in a population of about 30, Fundamentals of Clinical Chemistry 2ndedn Philadelphia: We distinguish two types of data: Recent observational studies have found that dietary patterns and obesity rates vary between neighbourhoods, with living in a low income or deprived area independently associated with the prevalence of obesity and the consumption of a poor diet.

The Psudo R2 values of both seasons 0. Their study found that at 0. The first two residents are said to have come from Gokana in Ogoni land. The study showed that the relationships between pollutant concentrations and meteorological parameters in the area are highly nonlinear.

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Antilogarithm of the coefficient 0. Considering the antilog of the coefficient of gender in relation to those of other regressors in both seasons, it can be inferred that being a woman is the lead determining factor that telferia would be produced on imeleme commercial scale. American Journal of Agriculture and Forestry. Explanation of purpose of the research, including the immediate and long term benefits and what will be required of them as subjects.

Given log likelihood statistics,