LA Datasheet PDF Download – USOC SERIES SERVICE MANUAL, LA data sheet. LA Data Voltage & TN government free tv circuit . Hi, I have tv set with la 7n 59f8 ic, problem is that it picture is rolloong veetically. LAS 7N part, LAS 7N sell, LAS 7N buy, LAS 7N stock, LAS 7N datasheet, Semiconductor, Electronic Components,Buy electronic .

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The detail checking and repairing steps are as follow: Whenever possible, try to substitute a working unit.

LA 7NG1 – SANYO – IC Chips – Kynix Semiconductor

The output circuit is a voltage follower. When the video output amplitude more change, use this control. This represents a short-circuit at the secondary side of the flyback. This pin is selected at C. You can play catasheet games with focus voltage. The flyback rectifiers esp.

LA76931 7N-58G1

When the secondary load increase, also the magnetisation current will increase. In the power design of LA seriesthere is a separate switch mode power supply that provides all of the DC voltage.

Take all safety precautions. When we add in the joke components only the horizontal deflection coil and S-correction capacitor or S-cap are actually shown above conditions are only slightly more complex: Scrape off all of the old glue and then clean thoroughly.


The output amplitude is 2Vp-p. It will undergo a linear increasing process.

If R1 is increased, the loop gain will increase and the pull-in range will increase as well. Ka from the loudspeakers. Just make it a point not to make the same mistake again. For a TV, it may just be a bad connection or failed diode. The internal impedance of the EHT adtasheet is in the order of 1 Mohm, so with a load e. Note that this is not be the same as what is commonly called linearity which would likely affect only one side or datashedt change across the screen. The peak amplitude of base current and the way it is decreased determine the ultimate dissipation in the HOT and thus subject of heavy optimization.

In order to prevent the unsatisfied drive capacity of amplitude matching 1Vpp and load video circuit, chroma circuit, deflection circuitwe recommend application circuit below: At the beginning of scanthe damper diode forward biased carries the bulk of the current from the yoke and flyback.

In that case the beam current will not work and the set should switch off automatically, usually within a few seconds after applying power. This means that also the switch -on moment of the HOT will vary with the load.


But it needs adjustment at engineering sample stage. And lw76931s is also necessary to feedback a DC component, which is created by the external capacitor of pin 4. RGB blanking pulse is produce in the internal count-down circuit, and the phase is depending on horizontal synchronization signal.

We can use V to bypass the current flowing into base of V in order to control the on-off time of V Brightness control has no effect The following assume that the picture is fine but ,a76931s brightness is fixed-probably at too high a level.

The magnetic energy s strength corresponds with the V s condition. MP is adjusted in the wafer line Adjustment has done for mass production products. The dynamic range of it is 3. The air gap stores energy, some of datasbeet may be tapped off during flyback by secondary rectifiers e.

I Discharge 16 Mylar capacitor 1K 0.