The objective of the Lower Extremity Functional Scale (LEFS) is to measure ” patients’ initial function, ongoing progress, and outcome” for a wide range of. Free online Lower Extremity Function Scale (LEFS) calculator. Home / Free Visual score (%): Lower Extremity Function Score: 80 / 80, Percentage: %. Purpose. The test can be used to evaluate the impairment of a patient with lower extremity musculoskeletal condition or disorders. Can be used.

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Performing light activities around your home. Proposed new measures of health status should be viewed with increasing rigor and sophistication with respect to lef development.

The LEFS was readministered to patients 24 to 48 hours following the initial administration in order to examine test-retest reliability.

In addition, the SF acute version was administered during the initial assessment and at the weekly follow-up assessments. Interpreting lower extremity functional status scores. A type 2,1 intraclass correlation coefficient was used to estimate test-retest reliability.

The LEFS was administered during the initial assessment, 24 to 48 hours following the initial assessment, and then at weekly intervals for 4 weeks. The broad categories of orthopedic conditions sacle this group were: Reproducibility and responsiveness of health status measures: In this case, the goal may be: Close mobile search navigation Article navigation.


Adult visitors to the outpatient clinic of the Department of Surgery and also staff at 4 different Dutch hospitals were asked lecs participate in this study. Thank you for submitting a comment on this article. However, we tried to balance llefs numbers of females and males.

The same question was posed to clinicians in terms of deterioration. SF mental component summary scores a. Several generic measures have been applied to a variety of patients with lower-extremity musculoskeletal conditions, including the SF, 1314 the SF, 15 the Functional Status Index, 16 and the Musculoskeletal Functional Assessment Questionaire. A lefe scale for symptom evaluation after ankle fracture.

Are available health status surveys adequate. The basis for the selection of 4 weeks was the judgment of lesf investigators. The capacity of the LEFS to detect change in lower-extremity function appears to be superior to that of the SF physical function subscale, as indicated by higher correlations with an external prognostic rating of change. Design of the paper: Results Demographics Table 1 Table 1.

For all postal codes, a number is available that reflects the SES of that particular area. The Functional Status Index: This suggests that function may be independent of SES in a normal population, but in posttraumatic patients SES may negatively influence treatment outcome.

Free online Lower Extremity Function Scale (LEFS) calculator

Getting into or out of the bath. Spearman correlation coefficients between the rating of change and the physical function change scores obtained for the 3-week interval varied from. Wound infections following implant removal below the knee: The median score for the LEFS for the whole population was 77 out of a maximum of The LEFS lers developed in a group of patients with various musculoskeletal disorders, and no reference data for the healthy population are available.


Men and women had similar median scores 78 and 76, respectivelyand younger individuals had better scores. I lecs to the terms and conditions.

Lower Extremity Functional Scale (LEFS)

You have entered an invalid code. Subsequent inquiry concerning the LEFS should center on head-to-head comparisons with condition- disease- or region-specific measures.

Minimum lets maximum SF physical function subscale scores were each obtained for 1 patient at the 3-week follow-up assessment. The factor loadings varied from.

Lower Extremity Functional Scale (LEFS) – Physiopedia

Men had a statistically significant better score than women. Results 1, individuals fulfilled the inclusion criteria and were included in the study.

Assessing disability and change on individual patients: