THE TEMPLATE FOR THE ENTIRE PLINTH IS ALL. ON THIS PLINTH. FOR LENCO L 75 TURNTABLE YOU WILL NEED TO DO TWO THINGS TO THE L Used Lenco Plinth for sale on + second hand hifi sites & shops. Hand Made Solid Mahogany Wood Plinth For Lenco L75 Turntable Czech Republic eBay. “The Lenco doesn’t need a plinth in order to be Great, it is inherently Great. The plinth just brings it to a higher level. If you were to buy a Lenco.

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ZM Member Offline Location: I made a tonearm plinth for the and mounted the 12″ Jelko. I removed the springs, but had to have sorbothane feet to stop low frequency intrusions leco using a Denon DL cartridge. Once the suspension is defeated, then a stable platform does plimth lot to further improve the sound.

The base plate will be dampened by bitumen pads and a new plint made from Baltic birch, again like the Top plate damped with 4 mm bitumen pads.

Lenco Plinths

Turntable upgraded with Moerch DP6 12″ red tonearm. Various things were tried with regard to shape and thickness, but nothing looked good.

December 31, BTW, it’s 6 layers of Baltic Birch Plywood plingh are glued and screwed together, and which I’ve rounded off the sharp edges with my router. July 30, Metal sheets glued to the rear of top plate with Araldite. Fife, United Kingdom Posts: More on this to come. The platter bearing and motor was given the full cleaning procedure as described at Lenco Heaven.


Haaah, I tend to like my free-skiing skis light and with a lot of feedback, and my race skis damp, quiet, and stable – but my turntables are a different story. I used the upgraded Jelco tonearm cable since it has a straight-in connector.

Check under my “system” under my name on Audiogon to see the “Oak Lenco”, which shows this set-up. Look here for details.

Another fellow set up a Rega tonearm in the original hole despite improper geometry and VTA as I did for a long whileset it up on bricks with no plinth whatsoever, and reported this combo easily beat his maxed-out Linn LP Good looking build Chris.

No esoteric audio equipment except for my wife. I suggest you work out why it is happening before any remedial action. I used sand paper and acetone to clean off any residual paint. The platter mat right now is a gray Oracle mat, and the three feet are aluminum Oracle feet – extras from my Oracle turntable.

Next some gentle tapping on plitnh of spindle with a plastic hammer and we can remove the spindle. Hello Nigel, I have a lnco Lenco plinth, and I have been using one for some time, although mine has an outboard Rega arm. Lsnco pad is obviously going to cover the entire surface.


Before buy, check out the images The H really isn’t suited for the vdh Canary seen here, rather the Colibri LW cartridge having lower weight compared to the Canary. Member Member Offline Location: The Lenco is up to the task.

GL75 Standard plinth springs – Components – Lenco Heaven Turntable Forum

Before buy, check out the images in the google what you want to buy. This is the actual turntable I bought: Few other useful tips here in: I just put it on for the photo-shoot. If yours is made of chipboard, like mine, it is quite good at what it does.

Well, we must learn something new every day. What seems to be the most likely reincanation is maintaining the base plate, turn it 90 o and cover the holes from the lift and tonearm.

Made from HQ plywood, veneer makore and is covered Powered by SMF 1.

Lenco Plinth: Consumer Electronics | eBay

Andr Member Online Location: A friend of mine still, after 6 years, uses a Lenco with Rega RB mounted in original hole, his system sounds glorious: A perfect match for the vdh cartridges. There being more weight to the left motor end than to the right pickup-arm llencothe four springs will not be identical.

I will some day and repeat the test.