Read the latest magazines about Hacheur and discover magazines on Yumpu. com. Le hacheur [SEG 85, BER 02] Introduction Les hacheurs servent à conditionner l’énergie électrique entre des générateurs et des récepteurs à courant. à un bus continu sur lequel est placé un pack énergie qui peut être composé de batteries et de supercondensateurs interfacés le cas échant via des hacheurs .

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Kind code of ref document: Ref legal event code: Country of ref document: Date of ref document: Year of fee payment: Amplificateur selon la revendication 1, dans lequel le trajet de retour est un premier trajet de retour, l’amplificateur comportant en outre: US USB1 en Apparatus and method for improving performance of sigma-delta modulators having non-ideal components.

Apparatus and method for an integrated, multi-mode, multi-band, and multi-stage power amplifier. Auto-correction feedback loop for offset and ripple suppression in a chopper-stabilized amplifier. Chopping technique for continuous time sigma-delta ADCs without Q-noise folding. Integrated circuits and methods for enabling high-speed AC-coupled networks to suppress noise during low-frequency operation. Dispositif de neurostimulation microfabrique et ses procedes de fabrication et d’utilisation.

Validity test adaptive constraint modification for cardiac data used for detection of state changes. Method, apparatus and system for validating and quantifying cardiac beat data quality.

cours electronique de puissance hacheur pdf viewer

Detecting or validating a detection of a state change from a template of heart rate derivative shape or heart beat wave complex. Detecting, assessing and managing epilepsy using a multi-variate, metric-based classification analysis.

Circuit and method for reducing input leakage in chopped amplifier during overload conditions. Method and apparatus for detecting a biomarker in the presence of electrical stimulation. Infusion pump system with disposable cartridge having pressure venting and pressure feedback.

Patient state determination based on one or more spectral hachehrs of a bioelectrical brain signal. Systems and methods for reduction of audio artifacts in an audio system with dynamic range enhancement. Systems and methods for reducing artifacts and improving performance of a multi-path analog-to-digital converter. Systems and methods for reducing audio artifacts from switching between paths of a multi-path signal processing system.


Fetal heartbeat monitoring system with plural transducers in one plane and at different angles thereto. Closed loop control of cardiac stimulator utilizing rate of change hzcheurs impedance. CMOS chopper-stabilized operational amplifier using two differential amplifier pairs as input stages.

Up-conversion homodyne receiver for cable television converter with frequency offset to avoid adjacent channel interference. Switched-capacitor integrator with chopper stabilization performed at the sampling rate. Einrichtung zur Beeinflussung von elektrischen und magnetischen Feldern niedriger Frequenz.

Adaptive, performance-optimizing communication system for communicating with an implanted medical device. Chopper stabilized amplifier having an additional differential amplifier stage for improved noise reduction. Rate responsive cardiac pacemaker with peak impedance detection for rate control.

Delivering a conduit into a heart wall to place a coronary vessel in communication with a heart chamber and removing tissue from the vessel or heart wall to facilitate such communication. Receiver for digital television signals having carriers near upper frequency boundaries of TV broadcasting channels. Automatic activation of hacheurss neurostimulator device using a detection algorithm based on cardiac activity. Circuit d’attenuation du decalage en continu et du bruit produit par un amplificateur.

System for processing bursted amplitude modulated signals using an impedance sensor. Hacgeurs amplifier with digital frequency modulated clocking and method. Apparatus and method for determining a mechanical property of an organ or body cavity by impedance determination. Method and apparatuses for monitoring hemodynamic activities using an intracardiac impedance-derived parameter. System and method of identifying fusion for dual-chamber automatic capture stimulation device.

Adaptive method and apparatus for forecasting and controlling neurological disturbances under a multi-level control. Signal processing system with baseband noise modulation and noise fold back reduction.

Optimization of impedance signals for closed loop programming of cardiac resynchronization therapy devices. Dispositif medical implantable actif comprenant des moyens du volume hachwurs. Fully integrated programmable gain chopper amplifier with self DC offset suppression.

Differential front-end continuous-time sigma-delta ADC using chopper stabilization. Pathology assessment with impedance measurements using convergent bioelectric yacheurs fields. Implantable medical device including self-bootstrapped therapy pulse output circuit switches. Baseband quadrature frequency down-converter receiver having quadrature up-converter stage. Method for assessing brain function and portable automatic brain function assessment apparatus.


Wireless smart implants dedicated to multichannel monitoring and microstimulation.

Medical management system integrated programming apparatus for communication with an implantable medical device. Implantable cardiac therapy device with dual chamber can to isolate high-frequency circuitry. The channel fully differential digital integrated neural recording and stimulation interface. Communication device, communication system and communication method for an implantable medical device. Automatic gacheurs impedance balancing for electrocardiogram ECG sensing applications.

Multi-channel electrophysiologic signal data acquisition system on an integrated circuit.

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Voltage sensing system with input impedance balancing for electrocardiogram ECG sensing applications. A1 Designated state s: B1 Designated state s: GB Ref legal event code: CH Ref legal event code: IE Ref legal event code: DE Ref legal event code: R Ref document number: DE Date of ref document: NL Ref legal event code: Lapsed in a contracting state announced via postgrant inform.

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