Liber Juratus or. The Sworne Booke of Honorius. [1r] when wycked sprites ware . book which we do call The Sacred or Sworn. Book for this cause, for in it is. As the title testifies, students were sworn to secrecy before being given access to this magic text, and only a few manuscripts have survived. Bits of its teachings. Sworn Book of Honorius – LIBER JURATUS HONORII. Text, translation and commentary by Professor Joseph Peterson. Available in two formats. This edition is.

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Sworn Book Of Honorius Pages 1 – 40 – Text Version | FlipHTML5

The revealing angel bool spelled ‘Hocrohel’ in the older manuscripts. The seorn legendaryreputation of this work led to the forgery of the so-called Grimoire of Pope Honorius, a ridiculous workso despised by Eliphas Levi and A. And I disturb you, O glorious one, through your son, whom you conceived, whom you begat, whom you have borne, whose body you nursed, whom you bathed, whom you wrapped in cloths, whom you presented at the temple, whose preaching you heard, whose suspension from the cross on our behalf you saw, whose death and burial honogius witnessed, whose rising from the dead you observed, whose ascension to the Father in heaven you saw, and who will soon return from there to judge the living and the dead and the world by fire, likewise through him I dare to name [you] and beg for help, with impure lips, with impure flesh, with impure body, with impure mind, here recite petition 16 that through this work you will enable me to look at and see yourself, and the holy Trinity, with your holy angels, and in the end at the Great Judgement you will snatch me away from eternal punishment, through Christ our Lord.

Lialg cum coniunctiua ita quod coniunctiua in illo loco eiusdem lateris scribatur which is above the first syllable of Samael and this syllable ly in that space of the same side which is above the last syllable of the same Samaeland this syllable alg in that place of the same side which is between the side intersecting itself and the fourth cross.

Sworn Book Of Honorius

In those Greek, Hebrew, and Chaldaic prayers there be the most sacred and holy names of God and his holy angels, which ought not to be spoken of man but only through the mercy of God, and bopk thou art put back of thy request thou oughtest not to dispair, but truly to confess thyself and not to dissemble with God, and to search thy conscience thoroughly, and to give alms largely, and to cause diverse masses to be said, and to say diverse prayers kneeling upon thy knees and with bitter tears to entreat, and beseech almighty God to be merciful unto thee for thus were the wise bkok wont to do to come to their purpose.


Their region is betwixt the South and the West. It is supposedly the product of a conference of magicians who decided to condense all of their knowledge into one volume. All but a few of the topics are discussed in various ways in the subsequent text. Here recite the petition — if for the [vision of the] Deity, say as follows thou wilt grant me thy holy vision through thy son, our Lord Jesus Christ.

To make all pleasures to appear.

Sworn Book of Honorius – LIBER JURATUS HONORII

And so I wish to clearly name and exalt your holy names most conscientiously, with my heart, with my mouth, and with my labor.

And therefore they ought not be invocated,they will not be honorijs by any artyfysyall powr, they always stand before the Divine Majesty, andand therfore they oughte nott to be invocated for they never separated from His presence. This text quotes extensively from Liber Iuratusas well as other interesting texts.

As the title testifies, students were sworn to secrecy before being given access to this magic text, and only a few manuscripts survive. For the Sun take saffron, amber, musk, lignum, aloes, lignum balsam, the fruit of laurel, with cloves, myrrh, and thuer equal portions, so that it is mixed all together after such manner that it be very sweet of odor of the gums aforesaid.

And look what fumigation we give the first hour o the ; the same must you give all that day, and so likewise of others. Prima hnoorius costum; 2. Liber Juratus is one of the oldest and most influential texts of Medieval magic. Ely, Eloe, Eloy, Elion, Sother,principium. Mercuryand Gabryel of Labana The Moon. Wherefore, we called a general council of all the masters.


Ita tres deos aut dominos dicare: Habaa the king, Hyyci, Quyron, Zach, Eladeb, which rule the demons of the West and Southwest winds, which are four, namely: Karex, Sabaoth, Sallaht, Cirhos,Gelon. Yet because of poverty this place may be made of clean earth think or clay if it be well purged, so that there be no rift or break in it.

With this said confection makea conffeccion therof, wt this sayde conffeccion make fumigation in a convenient place, and you shall sea fumigaccion in a conuenient place, and you shall visions in the air. By the inspiracion of god, Salomon said: And these must ye say with great devotion. And so must the priest do in all his prayers that he shall say for him that shall work, but add nothing else to them.

Then, below the uppermost angle of the pentagram, write these two letters: For Solomon said there is one only God, one might or power, one faith, of whom one work, one principal or beginning, and of whom the perfection and effect of every work comes, although this be divided into many parts.

Adonay] et in alio.

Rejoice, you who brought forth the clarity of eternal light. Then you shall have new gloves made without fingers thereon [perhaps better: The title in the catalog reads ‘The Sworne Booke of Honoryus’: It is good to be said also against all perils and dangers of fire, beasts, and devils, but then you need not have respect to the day or hour, but that most holy prayer “Hazaram hihel Available in two formats. Hail, holy and immaculate virgin, who stands near the face of God, mindful of our frailty.

And look what fumigation we give the first hour of the ; the same must you give all that day, and so likewise of others. The first chapter is of the composition of the great name of God, which the Hebrews call Schemhamphoras which consists of seventy-two letters: