The LM series operates at a switching frequency of kHz .. datasheet and the thermal model in LMX Made Simple version software. The value. Texas Instruments LM Series Switching Voltage Regulators are available at Mouser Electronics. Mouser offers inventory, pricing, & datasheets for Texas. LM Datasheet, LM National Semiconductor Simple Switcher Power Convertor Datasheet.

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Discussion in ‘ The Projects Forum ‘ started by henkenApr 1, Load regulation problems with switching regulator Reply to Thread. Apr 1, 1. Apr 1, 2 0.

Hello, I am trying to set lm26672 a switching regulator to supply 5V from a varying input source, but I am having some issues.

Load regulation problems with switching regulator | All About Circuits

The regulator IC I am using is the LM datasheet Under a small load for example a microcontrollerthe circuit regulates the voltage very nicely throughout the range of input voltages. As I increase the input voltage from there, the output voltage drops down to V.


What could be going wrong? I have tried to follow the datasheet, and Datahseet have tried various combinations of components as given by the datasheet. This setup should handle significantly higher output currents than I’m trying to use.

LM2672-5.0 Buck Converter overview

Is there something from the datasheet that I have overlooked, or some other mistake I might have made? Datashet 1, 2. Apr 28, 3, It would be helpful to see a picture of the coil.

Apr 1, 3. Oct 18, 3, I had a similar experience when I first got into switching regulators and used an inappropriately sized inductor, which would regulate for small loads and drop to near 0V for large ones, the inductor had fried and seemed ln2672 make contact when there wan’t much heat generated in the coil and was open when it heated up.

To be short, is your inductor properly sized?

Apr 2, 4. Here are the inductors I have tried: I don’t have any better dummy load a the moment. The adjustment resistors R1 and R2 are 1. The whole setup is made on a breadboard, but I’ve tried to keep the relevant connections as short as possible.


LM2672 – LM2672 1A Step-Down Regulator Datasheet

The power is supplied by a bench power supply. Load Regulation Measurements Posted by van53 in forum: Load regulation Posted by skiddman in forum: You May Also Like: A New Analog Accelerometer for Industrial L,2672 Some accelerometers are designed for industrial applications, and some are easier to use than others.

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